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Best Hairdresser in Leith Edinburgh

Indo Soul Hair: Hairdressing Crown Jewel of Leith Walk

Edinburgh’s vibrant Leith Walk is welcoming a new beacon of style and sophistication: Indo Soul Hair. This isn’t just another hair salon; it’s a game-changer poised to redefine the hairdressing scene in Leith and beyond.  Aiming to be the best hairdresser in Leith is a lofty goal, or even to be in the top ten hairdressers in Edinburgh, but we believe we can do it.

From the moment you step into Indo Soul Hair, you’ll realize it’s more than a salon—it’s an experience. The owner, Ani, is a passionate stylist who has not only mastered her craft but is also an artist. Ani ensures every haircut, colour, and style is executed with precision and a touch of soul with you at the heart of the process.

Indo Soul Hair, best hair dresser in Leith, Top Ten Edinburgh Hairdressers

Why Indo Soul Hair?

Indo Soul Hair - Best hairdresser in Leith, Top ten Edinburgh Hairdressers.

Our Vision – Best Hairdresser in Leith

We aim high at Indo Soul Hair. Our goal is to become the best hairdresser in Leith—a place where style meets substance. But why stop there? We’re on a mission to secure a spot among the top 10 hairdressers in Edinburgh. And here’s how we plan to do it:

  1. Exceptional Service: Every client is royalty at Indo Soul Hair.
  2. Innovation: We stay ahead of trends to offer you cutting-edge styles.  We also have a massaging Backwash chair!
  3. Community: We’re not just a salon; we’re part of the Leith family.
  4. Fusion: We bring something a little different to the table, you simply have to try our Indonesian Hair Spa!

Join Us on Our Journey – Top Ten Hairdressers in Edinburgh

Be part of our story as we embark on this exciting journey. Book your appointment today and see why Indo Soul Hair is set to become the talk of the town.

Optimize your style, optimize your life—choose Indo Soul Hair on Leith Walk, where every snip brings you closer to perfection.

Indo Soul Hair, best hair dresser in Leith has massaging backwash for hair spa, Top Ten Edinburgh Hairdressers

where your hair meets its soulmate.

Are you ready to elevate your hair game? Visit us at Indo Soul Hair and decide for your self if we are the best hairdresser in Leith or one of the top ten hairdressers in Edinburgh!

Creative approach to every client

We know that each of our customers are unique and we ensure that you get the best possible haircut, tailored to your hair and lifestyle.

How to book your appointment

Book your Leith, Edinburgh hairdressing experience through our Indo Soul Hair online booking system.  Alternatively, we are also one of few walk In hairdressers in Edinburgh.  However, this will depend on availability on the day.   

Alternatively, phone us on 0131 554 6584 or on mobile at 07415 154 091

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