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Our Hair Up / Up-Do Hair Styles

At Indo Soul Hair in Edinburgh we used the terms “Hair Up” and “Up Do”  to refer to our hairstyling service where the hair is styled and arranged in an elegant and intricate manner, often pinned or secured in an upturned position. These hairstyles are typically suitable for formal occasions such as weddings, proms, or special events.

Hair Up or Up Do services can include various styles like braids, twists, buns, chignons, or elaborate updos that are customized based on the client’s preferences and the event they are attending. These styles can be achieved using a combination of techniques, such as teasing, backcombing, curling, and pinning, to create a polished and glamorous look.

To learn more about the specific services provided by Indo Soul Hair or to get detailed information about their Hair Up and Up Do offerings, please contact us for a free consultation.

Please note, if you are considering a Hair Up style with Indo Soul Hair, it is probably best if you do not wash your hair so that it is easier to style!

Bridal Hair in Edinburgh

If you are looking for Bridal Hair ups and hair dos in Edinburgh, or a Bridal Hair Trail, we have the services for you and your bridal party.

The following are some examples of Indo Soul Hair Up-Do style hair designs from our Edinburgh Hair Salon.

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