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Hair Colour Services in Edinburgh

Hair Colour and Dye Services at Indo Soul Hair Hairdressing Salon and Hairdressers in Edinburgh

Hair Colour Services in Edinburgh

Welcome to Indo Soul Hair, a premier salon for hair colour Services in Edinburgh located in the vibrant city of Edinburgh. We providing Hair Colour Services, Bleaching, Tints, Balayage, Highlights, Flashes, Semi-Permanent and more…  As Wella colour specialists, we take great pride in offering a wide range of hair colour services.  Our services are tailored specifically to suit all hair types and styles. A dedicated team of experienced colourists is committed to providing you with exceptional results.  Therefore, we use only premium products to ensure the utmost quality and satisfaction with the result.


Seeking a dramatic transformation or vibrant fashion colours?  Our bleaching service is perfect for achieving a light, platinum blonde base. Our skilled colourists will carefully lighten your hair to the desired level while maintaining its health and integrity. We prioritize the use of high-quality bleaching products and toners to minimize damage, undesired tones and ensure optimal results.


If you’re looking to add dimension and depth to your hair, our highlights service is a fantastic option. Whether you prefer natural-looking sun-kissed strands or bold, statement highlights, We can take care of it.  We work with you to create a personalized look that complements your skin tone and enhances your natural features. As expected, we use advanced techniques to achieve seamless blends and stunning results.

Hair Colour Tints

For a subtle change or to cover greys, our tinting service is an excellent choice. Our colourists will help you select the perfect shade to enhance your natural hair colour or try something new. We use high-quality tinting products to ensure even colour distribution, long-lasting results, and optimal hair health.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

If you’re looking to experiment with temporary colour or want to refresh your existing shade, our semi-permanent colour service is ideal. Our colourists will guide you in choosing a shade that suits your style, and our premium semi-permanent colour products will deliver beautiful, vibrant results that gradually fade over time.


Flashes are a fun and creative way to add pops of colour or subtle accents to your hair. Our colourists can apply flashes strategically throughout your hair for a playful and unique look. Whether you’re looking for vibrant neon shades or soft pastels, we have the expertise to create flashes that reflect your individuality.

Balayage Hair Colouring

Indo Soul Hair offers the artful technique of balayage, which involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair for a natural, sun-kissed effect. Our skilled colourists will blend colours seamlessly, creating a beautifully customized look that suits your skin tone and hair type. Whether you prefer soft, blended highlights or more pronounced contrasts, our balayage service will deliver stunning, low-maintenance results.

Hair Colour Correction

If you’ve experienced a colour mishap or are unhappy with a previous colouring result, our colour correction service is here to help. Our expert colourists are skilled in correcting colour issues, restoring balance, and achieving the desired outcome. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized plan to correct any colour concerns and bring your hair back to its optimal condition.

Toner and Glossing

To enhance and maintain your colour, we offer toner and glossing services. Toner helps neutralize unwanted undertones and adds depth to your hair, while glossing treatments provide shine and vibrancy. Our premium toners and glossing products will leave your hair looking radiant, healthy, and beautifully finished.

At Indo Soul Hair, we take our hair colour services seriously.  Consequently, we prioritize your satisfaction and the health of your hair. That’s why we use only premium hair colour products that are gentle yet effective, ensuring beautiful, long-lasting results that leave your hair feeling nourished and looking stunning.

Book your appointment at Indo Soul Hair today and let our talented team of colourists help you achieve the hair colour of your dreams. With our wide range of hair colour services, including bleaching, highlights, tints, balayage, and more, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional colour transformations that reflect your unique style and personality.

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Hair Colour Services in Edinburgh

Scenarios for Hair Colour Correction

We have all had a bad hair day, but when it comes to colour, we may be afraid to leave the house! Regardless of a bad box dye experiment or dark roots, we can get you back to looking fabulous and correct all hair colour issues you may have.

Hair Colour Correction Services in Edinburgh

Here are some common scenarios where hair colour correction services may be required:

Undesirable Hair Colour

If you have attempted to colour your hair at home or visited a salon but ended up with a colour that is too dark, too light, too brassy, or completely different from what you intended, a colour correction service can help fix the issue.

Uneven Hair Colour

Sometimes, when dyeing hair at home or through multiple salon visits, the colour may not be applied evenly, resulting in patchy or streaky colour. Colour correction services can help even out the colour and create a more consistent look.

Colour Removal

If you want to remove or significantly lighten your existing hair colour to achieve a different shade, colour correction techniques can help remove the unwanted Colour or lift it to a more suitable base for the desired colour.

Colour Overlapping

When you repeatedly dye your hair without proper colour maintenance or allowing enough time between colour applications, it can lead to excessive colour build-up or overlapping. This can cause a muddy or dull appearance, and colour correction can help restore vibrancy and depth.

Transitioning between Shades

If you want to transition from a dark hair colour to a lighter shade or vice versa, it often requires multiple steps and careful colour correction techniques to achieve the desired result without causing damage to your hair.

It’s important to note that hair colour correction can be a complex and time-consuming process. The specific techniques and products used will depend on your  individual hair condition, the desired outcome, and the nature of the existing colour. At Indo Soul Hair, we will provide a free consultation to assess your hair, discuss your goals, and determine the best course of action for your hair colour correction.

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