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Welcome to Indo Soul Hairs Colour Hair Services portfolio for our Edinburgh salon.  When it comes to hair colour, we have the whole range of colour hair services, from Balayage, Hair Tints, hair highlights, Flashes, Bleaching for full head or regrowth and much more.  We use premium professional hair colours, hair products and colour developers to ensure only the best quality and tone outcomes for our clients.  

As you can see from our Edinburgh Hair Colour Portfolio, we have the skill to take you on a transformative journey and bring shine, life and lusture back you dull and tired hair.  From subtle hues to bold and bright, we will create a vision tailored specifically to you.  

All colour services require a Skin Test (Patch Test) before the treatment may be carried out, so please contact Indo Soul Hair for a free consultation before you get the full colour service of your choice.

Have a look at our Edinburgh Hair Colour Portfolio below for some examples of work performed by our Hair Colour Specialist

Indo Soul Hair Colour Correction Example

Slide the divider bar on the image to see the before and after pictures of this clients  hair colour correction treatment.. 

Indo Soul Hair colour correction services at our Edinburgh Salon are great if you have had a box dye disaster or your hair colour is completely off track!


Love Colour? Love Indo Soul Hair

The girls did not want to fade away into the background and they rock their new hair colours so well! 

Be brave, Be Bold, Be Beautiful

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Subscribe to the updates!