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FABRIQ Reset Hair Treatment

As your dedicated Hair Expert at our Indo Soul Hair Salon in Edinburgh, I am elated to unveil a transformative experience that will elevate your haircare journey—the FABRIQ ‘Reset’ Hair Treatment. Join me as we delve into the intricacies of this remarkable In Salon Only professional hair treatment and explore the tailored benefits it offers for various hair types.



Hold on, is Kerastraight not the queen of Keratin protein hair treatments? Well, yes and no, because Kerastraight has rebranded to FABRIQ and tweaked the in salon only and home care products for the better.


FABRIQ Reset is a low pH protein treatment consisting of 5 specialist products that your Hair Stylist will carefully tailor to your hair type and needs.  These products work together to prepare your hair, loosen its shape, rebuild, repair, hydrate and seal the hair, so you get the immaculate Reset finish you love.

Fabriq Reset Salon Only Product treatment available at Indo Soul Hair in Edinburgh
FABRIQ Hair Treatment Before and After
FABRIQ Hair Treatment Before and After

The keratin protein treatment transforms the shape, strength and condition of every type of hair, so there is something for everyone.  Imagine this not just as a salon service but as a revitalizing ritual meticulously designed to breathe life into your locks. After a FABRIQ Reset treatment, your hair will be quick and easy to manage, so you can choose whatever style you want.

Reasons you’ll love Reset

Thick hair that takes too long to style? Weak hair that doesn’t seem to grow? Frizz, waves or curls you’re not loving? Reset is perfect for you. In as little as 2 hours you’ll get results that last up to four months.

    • Reset transforms the shape of the hair, leaving it smoother and straighter

    • Reset rebuilds and strengthens hair so it’s incredibly healthy and strong

    • Reset makes hair quicker to style and easier to manage

    • Reset makes hair quick and easy to dry and helps it hold its style, saving you time every day
FABRIQ Keratin Hair Treatment Edinburgh

Thick hair that takes too long to style? Weak hair that doesn’t seem to grow? Frizz, waves or curls you’re not loving? Reset is perfect for you. In as little as 2 hours you’ll get results that last up to four months.

The Enchanting Process: Decoding Each Step

Ever wondered about the enchanting process behind the Reset Treatment? Picture it as an artful symphony, carefully orchestrating precision and indulgence to reset your hair to its natural brilliance. To get a closer look at each step, immerse yourself here.

The FABRIQ Reset Treatment is based on a unique blend of low-pH proteins. To unravel the science behind the magic we first need to understand a little more about our hair and what makes it healthy.

How does FABRIQ Reset work?

Healthy hair is made up of over 90% protein and, you guessed it, unhealthy hair has much less Protein. Furthermore, the proteins in your hair are held together by various ‘bonds’; sulphur, hydrogen and ionic salt bonds to be precise. However, all you need to know is that collectively they are hair ‘bonds’. The stronger and more prevalent these bonds are, the healthier your hair is.  Additionally, the more broken bonds in your hair, the more gaps between the bonds and your hair becomes porous, weak, frizzy and hard to manage.   Needless to say, hair damage from heat, box dyes, the sun, sea water, brushing and aging etc.) breaks hair bonds and results in unhealthy damaged hair.  Additionally, certain hair types are more prone to damage, such as Afro, Curly hair and textured hair.  Clearly, if this is your hair type, or you have regular hair but have suffered some damage, then you are the perfect candidate for the FABRIQ Reset hair treatment!



FABRIQ Reset works its wonders by delving deep into your hair shaft and addressing damage at a molecular level. Activated with controlled heat, Reset gently loosens the hairs’ bonds to prevent curls and frizz. Reset envelops each strand of hair in a matrix of hydrolysed proteins, infusing it with amino acids. The proteins bind to weak and damaged areas of the hair, creating new protein links that add permanent, long-lasting repair and strength, as well as stunning shine.


FABRIQ Reset’s blend of low-pH proteins fills the missing protein gaps, at an individual hair strand level, where water can get trapped, transforming the hair inside and out.  This leaves the hair strong, healthy, soft, shiny and, most importantly, quick and easy to dry and style.  Furthermore, filling these gaps with new proteins prevents excess moisture from getting in. These proteins strengthen the inner structure of each strand and smooth the outer surface, and the results last for up to four months.




To transform and repair hair, you need exactly the right blend of proteins for each hair type, condition and goal.  Some proteins build strength, some make hair less porous or change the shape of the hair and some add shine or make the hair smooth and soft.  Knowing which proteins are needed is the result of years or research and testing by FABRIQ so that we only need apply the treatment based on our hair type.


Let’s end the debate here, size really does matter (well, for proteins anyway).  Different-sized proteins work with different parts of the hair.  FABRIQ ensure the right mix of exactly what the hair needs.  Small proteins that penetrate deep into the hair to repair bonds. Large proteins that work within the hair’s outer cuticle and even bigger protein polymers that act on the outside of the hair.  Some of the FABRIQ proteins are even fused with advanced polymers to build even greater strength throughout the hair.

Indeed, some of the FABRIQ proteins are also flexible and heat-activated, building to full strength as they’re heated to become 100% dried into the hair.  These are activated for you by your stylist during the Smooth & Iron phase of your treatment.

The Magic Ingredients?

Clearly, FABRIQ Reset has something clever going on to make this hair treatment so special. There are 3 main components that make this hair care treatment so effective and allow the elixir to work its magic: 

A blend of low pH proteins which transform the hair’s strength and shape, working with the hair’s natural keratin.

FABRIQ Hair Treatments - Soya Bean and Rice Extracts

Rich soybean and rice extract which perfect the hair’s moisture balance so our proteins work to their full potential

FABRIQ Hair Treatments - African and Amazonian Fruits

African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts that seal the treatment in for best performance and longevity

These ingredients work together with additional oils, butters and glycerin to add hydration, straighten, repair, combat frizz & humidity. All this contributes to make your hair more manageable.  Note, all the FABRIQ Rest ingredients are 100% vegan, cruelty free and exclude and harsh ingredients such as formaldehyde, salt and sulphates.

FABRIQ Reset: 5 In Salon Only Treatment Products

A combination of up to 5 FABRIQ Reset products will be carefully selected by your certified FABRIQ stylist, based on your hair type and condition, to be applied at the appropriate phase of the treatment.

FABRIQ Zero Hair Product


Zero gently cleanses and softens the hair, encouraging the cuticles to rise so it can absorb the treatment. Free from sodium chloride and sulphates, Zero has a low pH of 6-7, high enough to raise those cuticles but low enough to be super-gentle.

FABRIQ Regulate Hair Treatment Product

FABRIQ Regulate

Regulate makes sure the hair has the right balance of moisture and protein so that the treatment can penetrate evenly. It has a low pH of 2.5-3.5 and contains extracts of soybean, palm, rice and carob bean to hydrate and strengthen every strand.

FABRIQ Reset Hair Treatment Product - Available at Indo Soul Hair Salon Edinburgh


Reset’s unique blend of low pH proteins smooths and straightens the hair by gently loosening its natural shape to prevent frizz or curls from forming. The hydrolysed protein blend also repairs and rebuilds the hair so it’s left stronger, softer, shinier and healthier.

FABRIQ Turbo Hair Treatment Product - Available at Indo Soul Hair Salon Edinburgh


Turbo is an optional additive that gives greater strengthening power for Afro, very curly, resistant or virgin hair by helping Reset penetrate the hair more effectively.

FABRIQ Lock Hair Treatment Product - Available at Indo Soul Hair Salon Edinburgh


Lock encourages the hair’s cuticles to close and prepares the hair so that it’s smooth for ironing. It replenishes the hair’s strength and hydration using proteins, oils and seed extracts, and forms a protective layer that guards against the damaging effects of heat.

Fabriq’s Reset Treatment Process – what happens in the Salon?

FABRIQ Protein Hair Treatment Application in Edinburgh


Tell us about your hair and how you want it to be. Based on your specific hair type, condition and hair goals, an Indo Soul Hair Stylist will gently cleanse your hair with FABRIQ Zero shampoo. This also encourages the cuticles to open so it can absorb the personalised treatment. After a rinse and towel dry, FABRIQ Regulate will then be sprayed and combed into your hair focusing on the most porous areas.

FABRIQ Keratin Protein Hair Application


Once your hair is prepared, your stylist will apply FABRIQ Reset, a keratin enriched treatment, from root to tip.  FABRIQ Turbo may also be applied to get the best results for your specific hair type and state.  FABRIQ Reset (and optionally Turbo) products are left in for between 30 to 45 mins before rinsing .    For extra straightening power on resistant, very curly and Afro (but not weak or fragile) hair, we may add an optional extra step by drying in the treatment with medium heat before rinsing. Note: at our Indo Soul Hair salon in Edinburgh, we also offer a Hair Steaming Treatment Service.  This can speed up and improve the product absorption rate as it opens up your hair follicles.

FABRIQ Keratin Protein Hair Application


We then apply FABRIQ Lock once your hair is rinsed and towel dried, leaving in for a few minutes and then rinse once again.  This helps close your hair cuticles and provide a protective layer to your hair in advance of the heat treatment.   All your hair needs now is a quick dry, a smooth with a brush, and then it’s ready to iron.  We set the temperature and number of passes with the iron based on your hair type, sealing the treatment into your hair with heat.

FABRIQ Homecare Products, Hydrate and Build, available at Indo Soul Hair Edinburgh Salon


For the final step, Indo Soul Hair can recommend the best FABRIQ Homecare Package from either FABRIQ Build or FABRIQ Hydrate. These Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask products maximise the longevity of your revitalised hair results. You need to use FABRIQ Shampoos and Conditioners (either Hydrate or Build) to get maximum results from the treatment and make sure the effects last for the guaranteed time of up to 4 months.



The FABRIQ Reset Hair Treatment has significant benefits for clients with all hair types. From straight to curly, textured to wavy, the Reset Treatment works universally to repair and fortify your hair. You can undo the effects of environmental stressors that damage hair and embrace hair that exudes resilience.  Furthermore, the treatment can be applied as a pre-emptive measure and it is recommended to seek treatment as early as possible.

In Conclusion

FABRIQ is not just good; it’s extraordinary. Consider FABRIQ for a hair care experience that goes beyond expectations.  If you have any form of damaged hair (and let’s face it, we all do) FABRIQ Reset is for you.  There is a reason why FABRIQ, or Kerastraight as it used to be known, is so popular amongst high end salons and those who need to look their best, and that reason is that it just works.

So, if you are ready to embark on a journey to rediscover the beauty of your hair? Book your FABRIQ Reset Hair Treatment at Indo Soul Hair Salon in Edinburgh. Trust us; we are a Certified Professional FABRIQ Salon so your locks will thank you for the love and care they’re about to receive.

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