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My New Mizutani Swivel Shears

Mynew swivel shears have finally arrived from Japan, 3 months in total being hand crafted by the masters of a production facility that at one time specialised in the production of Japanese katana.  Needless to say, the demand for Katas has dwindled over the last 200 years and so Mizutani branched out and has spent the last 100 years creating other sharp pointy objects, namely scissors, or shears as some like to call them!

Mizutani Hairdressing Scissors have focussed on continually improving their product aiming to be the highest quality scissors in the industry. Mizutani scissors are not made by machine! So all are “Not the same”. Every scissor is fit & finished by hand. Apparently, Mizutani Scissors are one of the most popular hair styling scissors among the top professional hair stylists throughout the world due to their renowned quality and superb usability.

All Mizutani Scissors are 100% handcrafted by a team of highly skilled craftsmen at the factory in Chiba, Japan. From cutting steel to polishing for the finish, each shear receives the closest attention throughout the process to ensure the highest quality scissor for discerning stylists.

SWiveltastic swivels

The swivelling finger holes rotate 360°and constantly follow the movement of the thumb, so there is no need to align your hand to the scissors.  The movement really is super fluid and these have certainly been made by craftsmen of the highest quality!


So, what’s my verdict on actually using these scissors?  I have to say they are simply superb.  Perhaps it helped in being able to choose the customer thumb ring sizes specifically for my small hands, perhaps its the faultless and superbly fluid cutting action and swivel mechanism, perhaps its the sharpness of the cutting edge?   

Best shears I have ever got my little hands on

Simply put, the best of the best.  There is only one problem I have now, I want more!  However, quality comes at a price and these shears are quire possibly the most expensive brand in the industry.  However, they are worth every penny if you want the best.

Exquisite Packaging

What is not to love about this?  Even the holder for the shears is top notch and hand crafted and the package as a whole, with certificates of authenticity really set the bar high.

If you want to see how great these cut, pop into Indo Soul Hair in Edinburgh for a Cut & Style with me!  x

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