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Indo Soul Hair & Natalie Mackenzie Beauty Collective

Indo SOUL HAIRnew Edinburgh Hairdresser at Natalie Mackenzie Beauty Collective is now located within the “Natalie Mackenzie Beauty Collective” at 8a Montagu Terrace in the Trinity area of Edinburgh.

Indo Soul Hair now has the commission to exclusively provide all hairdressing, hair colour services and hair treatments services to you from within this beauty collective premise. 

WHat is the Natalie Mackenzie Beauty CoLlective?

The Collective brings together a group of  professional Therapists and Artists who are specialists in their field.  With rich and diverse backgrounds, the specialists at NM Beauty Collective have each found their calling within the treatments they offer.  We work as a group entity but are all individual professionals with our own businesses. Collectively, we are able to bring you the best and most up to date beauty treatments and hairdressing services. Working as a collective means that every treatment performed has the person behind it completely invested in making it a wonderful experience for you.  This also means that you only have to visit one location for all of your beauty care needs!

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to work with the ladies at the Natalie Mackenzie Beauty Collective.  I have seen their work and it really is top notch, so I’m sure Indo Soul Hair will fit right in, providing fantastic quality customer hair services, passion and spreading a little joy to the Northwest of Edinburgh

I can’t wait to meet my new clients at the Natalie Mackenzie Beauty Collective.  I have heard great things about the regular clients from Natalie and I’m sure we will have a great relationship for many years to come

We will be making a few changes to the décor around the styling chairs and back wash basin, so come in soon to see what we have done!

All clients, old and new, welcome to Indo Soul Hair

I welcome all previous hair clients, and new, to Indo Soul Hair.  I hope to see you all soon!

Ani x

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